Honorary Goddesses

Olivia Shwetz


Chelsea O'Neill


Sarah Swain


Sue Ruhe


Andrea Henry

Andrea Henry

Abundant Gratitude

Honorary Goddess are women who embody the meaning of Sisterhood. They are the inspiration and reason The Goddess Guild exists and builds it foundation on Collaboration over Competition. 

It is through the unwavering love, guidance and support from these women that I was able to pick myself up off the ground, find my inner warrior and persevere with the courage necessary to create this platform and everything that follows.
These women changed my life. Changed my perspective on living.

They helped me find my purpose and lead through example, living authentically and powerfully in who they are.

Much love to each of you!

Goddesses of the Guild

Olivia Shwetz - Wake the Wild Within


 Olivia is the founder of Wake the Wild Within. Certified as a Life Coach, and well versed in many spiritual modalities she leans on her own intuitive knowing to lovingly transform lives. She compassionately guides women back to their natural intuitive abilities so that they can create a life they love to wake up to. She believes that there is a wild within every one worthy of connecting to. 

Chrissy Marie - Childhood Rising


 Chrissy Marie is a Transformational coach and energy healer. She helps women develop a deep sense of self worth and confident self expression by teaching them how to reparent their inner child through compassion and play.  She merges trauma clearing, spiritual teachings, embodiment practices, and a strong sense of humor to bring a safe, warm and lighthearted flavor to deep inner healing. You can often find her crafting at the kitchen table, having ecstatic dance parties at her steering wheel, or wandering about outdoors. 

Sarah Swain - The Great Canadian Woman


 With a commitment to raise he frequency of Canada, one woman at a time, Sarah Swain runs a multi-faceted platform, including a 5-star podcast, that aims to connect Canadian women from coast to coast and inspire them to take action on their dreams. The Great Canadian Woman Podcast was featured by Apple iTunes as A part of their Inspiring Women campaign for International Women’s Day 2019. 

Chelsea O'Neill - As Healing Goes


Chelsea's journey to the healing arts began as a child, growing up in nature, and having an internal knowing of the healing energy around us.  Through witnessing and experiencing life, she has come to find that no matter what religion you are or what you believe to be true, there is an undeniable life energy that permeates us and connects us all. 

 been practicing Bowen for over 8 years and helping numerous people remember how to heal their bodies.  She currently also offers CranioSacral Therapy, Watsu Wellness Massage.

Diana Tulumba - Diana Tulumba CTNC


 Diana Tulumba is a certified Transformational Nutrition Coach, Life Coach and is certified in the Hawaiian healing technique Ho’oponopono. She is also a lawyer, and a fitness professional featured in Shaun Ts Insanity Max30, a new surprise Mom and adoring Wife. She is speaking to, writing for and coaching Women towards more PEACE.  She now practices that daily and through her one on one coaching, group coaching and small group retreats, she coaches other women to do the same. 

Sue Ruhe - Love Your Cells


 Sue Ruhe, is admittedly obsessed with human fascia. She loves how powerful it is, how it molds our bodies into what we physically are today. For 11 years she has been hands deep in client fascia. It's been her absolute Jam! 

After a brief hiatus, she found herself missing it so much that she decided to start a podcast about it! Her podcast launches in June - be sure to check out her website to learn more as a Myofacial Release Therapist and Cellular Coach.

Shaelyn Cataldo - Mother Your Dreams


 Shaelyn Cataldo is a visionary, changemaker, dance enthusiast and transformational coach.  Authenticity is the first word that comes to mind when I think of Shaelyn.  She helps women drop the masks of perfectionism and pleasing so they can rediscover the creative magic they were born with and step into their passion work.  She weaves holistic mental health counseling, coaching, the expressive and creative arts and dance to help women awaken to their full power and potential.  She's the mama of two young daughters.  This fuels her.  She visions a world where women are  nourished, supported and celebrated.  This is her passion work. 

Falon Malec - Life's Dirty Secrets



Born in Ontario, Canada, Falon grew up surrounded by the lakes and wilderness.

Getting lost in books since she was a young child, it is no surprise that she would eventually open herself to the possibilities of writing. Raw and authentic, she shares her passion for life and explores her spirituality, sexuality and emotional discoveries in the relationships she has experienced through her blog, Life’s Dirty Secrets.

Falon offers a masterclass in writing, editing & ghostwriting services and is the Founder and Visionary behind The Goddess Guild.

Megan Harmony - SoulFULL Sobriety


 Megan Harmony is a champion at rising up when all seemed lost. Having faced many difficulties throughout her life she is an advocate that IT IS possible to recover and live a Soul FULL life, no matter what is happening around you. She is a Tender Loving Soul Coach, Inspirational Speaker, Author and Arcturian Reiki and Light Healer through the Soulful Sobriety Platform. Megan loves to be a safe space for people to drop their deepest secrets that have been holding them back and supports them as they start to live the life of their dreams by connecting to the Divine within. . She also offers guidance and inspiration through The Soul FULL Podcast with Megan Harmony each week. 

Kyemma Campbell


Kyemma is a speaker, Author and mystic writer; a truly verbally gifted woman who knows the importance of self love.

Speaking fire, she cuts right to your soul to remind you of your truth and inner knowing.

Currently travelling, she has spent her time in New York and now the Middle East.

Andrea Henry - Henry Business Law


 Andrea is a Cambridge-educated lawyer with more than a decade of experience working with businesses of all sizes and at every stage of the entrepreneurial journey. She is the daughter of an entrepreneur, married one herself and is pretty much obsessed with all things business. When she started her firm she had a laptop, three clients and A LOT of hustle – growing her business to 6-figures in under a year.

Andrea wants amazing success for her clients and she knows they can get it by harnessing the power of the law.

Rose Finlay


After a catastrophic injury at the age of 17 that left her a quadriplegic, Rose has continued to push the boundaries of societal norms and expectations surrounding disability. Holistic health coaching and empowerment mentoring have given Rose purpose. Her interest in natural wellness and alternative medicine sparked her passion for holistic healing and lead to her spiritual journey into quantum health and healing childhood trauma.